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Gateway to Jerusalem

Project Description 

Three years ago, a thrilling discovery was made. The remains of a palace, so ornate it could have only belonged to someone of royal status, was discovered atop the Armon HaNatziv Promenade in the old city of Jerusalem. Archeologists uncovered the largest cache of Proto-Ionic capitals (the ornate crowns that sit on columns and pillars) ever discovered in a single location. The palace would have overlooked King Solomon's Temple in the heart of Jerusalem, and been home to Judean Kings who once looked upon their Biblical kingdoms. Millions of visitors come to Jerusalem every year, and now they can experience a journey back in time, fusing modern-day Jerusalem with its ancient history. Built on this historic site, the Gateway to Ancient Jerusalem will be a 1,300 square meter park, which will house the Proto-Ionic capitals and ancient cistern that were uncovered within it, a monumental visitor's center with a scenic, interactive experiences and beautiful outdoor spaces.

Project Features 

The experience will begin in the Visitor's Centre the rooftop where high-resolution cameras in the Smartview Overlook will take you on a journey back in time to the Jerusalem, using advanced optic technology to allow participants to zoom in directly on any area of the City of David and Ancient Jerusalem and view key moments throughout history whose remnants remain till today. The experience continues in the Immersive Theatre, where you will find yourself a participant in ancient battles, journeys and campaigns to save the city. Then come face-to-face with the evidence of antiquity in the ancient water cistern upon which the building rests before heading outside. The Zipline Adventure Experience takes you from the Visitor's Centre to the nearby Peace Forest where a newly-opened campsite offers a variety of recreational activities and an adventure park is being planned. Finally, after your exciting experience, unwind amidst the beautiful Grounds and Walking Paths and enjoy the Outdoor Cafe surrounded by the Biblical landscape.

Location: Jerusalem