PROJECTS | Youth-At-Risk

ELEM Shelter for Boys

Support the renovation of ELEM’s Shelter in Jerusalem - help teen boys recover from abuse and rebuild their lives. 

Imagine that life on the street is safer than life at home. For so many children and teens who experience abuse, this is reality. It's a decision that no child should have to make. Making matters worse, only a small percentage will receive treatment. This is where ELEM enters into action, providing care, support and resources to counter the dangers of living on the street. ELEM has created a robust presence in social media, seeking to meet the teens on their own turf and provides information and responses. In addition, ELEM operates an outreach van and sets up a regular downtown popup location where teens can come hang out and talk about whatever is on their mind. This outreach program is crucial for forming bonds and trust with wandering teens, with the goal of eventually encouraging them to speak with someone at the shelter. Once there, they can receive group therapy, mentorship, legal advice, and tutoring to get education back on track. Without ELEM, boys on the street have little chance of recovery. 

Your donation will fund 
The current facility – including a large living room, a kitchen and dining area, and three smaller treatment rooms, is terribly dilapidated. With your help, JNF can support the renovation of several of these spaces, including repairs and refurnishing to create a warm and comfortable shelter to serve as a home for these teens. These boys had so much taken away from them, let’s give them something beautiful. It is our responsibility to care for our extended family in Israel and ensure that nobody is left behind. 

The program is slated to support about 25 teens a year.