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Accessible Cycling Track in Givat Hatzir

Who you will helpFor cyclists with physical, visual, or cognitive impairments, traditional cycling tracks are not safe or comfortable to ride. Impaired riders utilize assistive equipment to support their cycling, like tandem or hand bikes and visual aids. To make cycling accessible to everyone, JNF Israel is creating first of its kind cycle track in Israel to accommodate riders of all abilities. The trail winds through gorgeous oak forest groves and colourful flower regions and will serve Galilean residents as well as the Bedouin communities of Zarzir and Manashiya-Zebda

JNF Canada donors funded
The project build includes the cycling track, walls for resting, installation of accessible picnic tables, explanatory signage and directional signs for people with disabilities. The track will have two convenient entry points at Zarzir and at Manashiya. 

Givat Hatzir is a low and long hill in Lower Galilee, where Tabor oaks create a natural and beautiful woodlands

JNF National Cycling Trails
As part of the national plan for bicycle trails, JNF develops and maintains cycling trails throughout Israel for diverse target groups with varying levels of riding difficulty. To date, JNF has laid 1,500 kms of bicycling trails all over Israel.