PROJECTS | Education

Dekalim High-School Kitchen

Dekalim High School in Be’er Sheva is a regional school center for youth with special needs that also serves as a community center. The school provides unique support for 110 students ages 13-21 who are diagnosed with severe learning disabilities. The school develops and cultivates the student’s skills for integration into the community, with an emphasis on life skills and preparation for the employment life towards the age of 21. The school's educational approach is based on the humanistic approach: recognition of student education and his right to fulfill his cognitive, functional, emotional and social abilities while cultivating his unique desires and talents as a basis for learning, preparation for life, and integration into the community. 

The construction of the educational kitchen within the school will have a profound impact on the children attending the school. The children now have the space and updated equipment to be taught how to function within a kitchen, which is a critical life skill and hopefully some of the students will be able to translate those skills to obtain employment in the food and hospitality industry.