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Sylvan Adams Commuter Path

Sylvan Adams is an Israeli-Canadian philanthropist and JNF Quebec donor, a life-long supporter of Israel, and a passionate advocate of cycling. He hopes to inspire young Israelis to pick up the sport: in 2018, JNF Canada inaugurated the Sylvan Adams Commuters Path, a beautiful tree-lined cycling path that connects Tel Aviv to its suburbs, through HaYarkon Park. 

Adams also funded the Sylvan Adams National Velodrome, a state-of-the-art arena with a high-speed cycling track and training programs. He is also the owner of the Israel Premier-tech Cycling team, which just saw a huge victory as Michael Woods (Canadian) won the 2023 Tour de France with a spectacular climb on the Puy de Dôme, a famed volcanic crater in southern France. 

In May 2023, Adams had the honour of lighting one of the twelve torches for the 75th Independence Day Ceremony on Mount Herzl in Israel. He was invited to represent the Jews of the Diaspora, an honour that was “truly a thrill – I never dreamt I would receive such recognition”.