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Hula Valley Visitors Center

The Transformation of the Hula Valley 
The Hula Valley marshland in northern Galilee was drained in the 1950s, to prevent mosquito-borne malaria and create arable farmland in the region. The change in ecology, however, had devastating effects as plant and animal species were driven to extinction. In the 1990s, JNF began a historical reclamation project with local farmers and residents to return the valley to its original wetlands and diverse ecosystem. The transformation is a powerful symbol of nature’s resilience: animals on the brink of extinction have returned, the wetlands filter water to the Sea of Galilee, and perhaps most astonishing, the valley has become a rest stop for almost 500 million cranes, pelicans, flamingoes and nearly 400 other bird species that migrate over Israel every spring and fall. 

The Stephen J. Harper Visitor & Educational Centre 
With the unwavering support of JNF donors, this flagship project of JNF Canada has gone from a pipe dream to a spectacular state-of-the-art visitor’s centre in the heart of the Hula Valley, designed with the principles of sustainable development. Since proudly opening in November 2019, the centre brings tourism to the region, educates visitors on critical ecological issues, and conducts world-class bird and migration research.  

JNF Canada funded: 
Migration Globe, an illuminated, 3D rotating globe that illustrates the vast network of bird migration routes around the world. 
Conference Hall, a 283-square-meter conference hall will serve as a venue for conferences, meetings, seminars and lectures. 
Grand Entrance, matching the stunning architecture of the building, the ½ -acre main entrance is landscaped with rolling knolls, a vibrant collection of trees, stone benches, pathways, and a recognition wall for JNF Friends in Canada.  
Bird Wall, a high-tech 60 ft interactive wall that uses sensor technology to track the hand movements of visitors as they navigate games and information about the variety of birds, wildlife, and local vegetation in the Hula Valley. 
Mini Hula Valley Model, a kinetic 3D special-effects model of the entire Hula Valley, using dynamic multimedia with physical elements to illustrate the active ecosystems of water, farmland, and forestry. 
VR Flight Over The Valley, a VR corner that enables visitors to experience being a bird in flight, as it migrates to and from Europe and Africa through the Hula Valley. 
 Multimedia History of KKL/JNF, a multimedia exhibit celebrating 100+ years of KKL/JNF. From the simple and iconic Blue Box to this phenomenal high-tech centre, see how KKL/JNF has adapted through the ages, never wavering from the mission of building Israel together.