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Apartments for Holocaust Survivors

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Many of the nearly 200,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel today were children during WW2, children who suffered an unimaginable tragedy. After the war, and returning to the homeland of Israel, they made every effort to rebuild their shattered lives, but not all succeeded. Many continue to struggle with their traumatic pasts and especially as they age into their final years, they face additional challenges and increased need for support to serve medical needs and social isolation.

The Amcha Senior Home’s mission is to promote the wellbeing, dignity, and respect of Israeli Holocaust survivors and their families, by offering ongoing psycho-social services to over 200 Holocaust survivors. Amcha is a registered non-profit organization, established on 1987 by a group of Holocaust survivors and dedicated mental health professionals. The professional staff includes 65 clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, social worker psychotherapists, and art psychotherapists offering diverse therapies and services. 

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However, the building is in disrepair: broken tiles, unsanitary kitchen, unsafe elevator, torn furniture, etc. Due to lack of funding, it has not had an upgrade in decades and thus is not suitable for program activities or serving its patients. There is an urgent need for renovation of the center to make the "second home" of these survivors as pleasant as it can be, and to ensure that the final chapter of their lives will be one of comfort, care and dignity.

Amcha Seniors Center is in Rehovot, about 25 km south of Tel Aviv.