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ALEH Dental Clinic

Oct 2021 Update from the ALEH Clinic: “The ALEH Educational Centre opened in September, with the participation of the Minister of Education, Members of Israeli Parliament and many others. The Center’s accessible dental clinic, fastidiously designed to cater to the specific needs and unique requirements of children with disabilities, also opened and is now active and operating at full capacity. We have been waiting for this moment for many years and we are excited and happy for the amazing children of ALEH. They deserve the best! Since the moment we opened the dental clinic (with two clinical dental chairs designed to accommodate children with disabilities), we now provide top-notch dental care to ALEH students and other children with special needs, from the surrounding area.” 
Who you will help

Providing quality dental care for people living with cognitive, behavioural, and functional disabilities is challenging. Existing dental clinics in the area and neighbouring communities do not have the facilities needs to create a calm environment for patients with special needs. Also, staff are not trained in how to deal with people with special needs. A disproportionately high number of people in this population suffer from chronic dental disease, severe gum problems, and increased pain and suffering. Ultimately and in many cases, they resist going to the dentist altogether.  

Your donations will fund 

JNF Canada is raising funds to construct the “Peh Bari” (meaning “Healthy Mouth”) Dental Clinic to serve this vulnerable population of patients with special needs. The facility will be equipped with special chairs that are more comfortable, with special features to support the patients. Above the chairs will be sensory and calming screens. The team of professional staff will provide personal treatment plans so each patient will receive improved quality of care. Ongoing maintenance will help prevent complex dental issues in the future. Peh Bari will provide calming techniques and supportive care to help alleviate anxieties of the population it proudly serves. The clinic will serve around 220 patients annually, between 13-35 years of age.