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No to Violence Women’s Shelter in Rishon Le'zion

Oct 2023: The shelter opened its doors the week after October 7th (earlier than expected due to the urgent needs resulting from lock downs and increased danger). Although normally it can take months to obtain final occupancy permits, we heard in mid-October from the shelter's director that the process was expedited to ensure these women and children were protected during this increasingly vulnerable time.  

Who you will help 

Domestic violence is not a “women's” issue, but a major social issue. 1 of 4 women in Israel are victims of domestic violence and nearly half the population is affected by domestic violence in some way. A shelter can provide safe, warm housing for families in a desperate time of need and offers victims of domestic violence a secure and supportive environment where they can start over. Staff and volunteers work with the families to access therapy, secure income, and find new housing, helping them heal physically, emotionally, and financially from traumatic situations. Currently, 65-70% of women and children in Israel who are fleeing abuse cannot access shelters due to lack of beds and space. 

Ruth Resnick, Executive Director of the No to Violence Women’s Shelter, explains need for safe shelters in Israel: “To put into perspective, there are hundreds of women's shelters in Canada for 35 million people. With a quarter of the population, Israel has only 16 shelters in the whole country, 3 of which are ours.” Ruth has worked tirelessly to advocate for women and victims of domestic abuse. Due in part to her efforts, the government established special domestic violence units to assist in abusive situations. Police also now receive training in handling domestic violence situations. 

Ruth’s organization has established two shelters and JNF Canada is helping fund the third and largest shelter, in Rishon Le’zion south of Tel Aviv. 

JNF Canada funded 

JNF Manitoba/Saskatchewan and Pacific regions rallied to support this vital project. Through their generous fundraising and donations, we improved the overall accommodations of shelter, completed necessary renovations, updated rooms, and created a dignified, comfortable and home-like atmosphere for women and children to rest and feel – finally - safe. The shelter will be able to house 10-12 families, allowing more women and children access to this critical social service. The shelter warmly opens its door to any family, regardless of background, seeking shelter from abusive situations. 

Location: Rishon Le'zion is approx 10km south of Tel Aviv.