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Kibbutz Yifat Community Park

Who you will help 

For the families of Kibbutz Yifat, their outdoor community space is a barren, unfriendly area where no one wants to spend time. To address this, JNF has helped provide the residents and guests of the kibbutz with a beautiful community park that is green, accessible, and safe, for exciting sports events and family gatherings. 

Your donation has funded

Your donation has financed the playground and park area: installing fitness and play elements on a rubber surface, walking paths, new lighting and woven shade structures, new landscaping and irrigation, plants and trees, improved conditions for existing native trees, limestone outdoor furniture for sitting and eating, a water fountain and signage. All aspects of the playground are universally accessible. 

Location: At Kibbutz Yifat, located in the beautiful Jezreel Valley, 20km outside of Nazareth.