JNF Future: Soma for the Soul

JNF Future: Soma for the Soul


    JNF Toronto

The JNF Future Women's Committee presents an evening of Soma for the Soul

Since October 7th, our communities and Israel and Toronto have been trying to process the atrocities that took place on that day, and the aftermath that has followed, slowly going through the healing process. 

Join us for an evening of healing, together, through breathe work led by transformational coach and advance SOMA Breath instructor, Esther Willinger. 

Tickets and additional donations raised from this program will go towards JNF Canada's efforts to help rebuild Kibbutz Kissufim, one of the communities greatly impacted on October 7, 2023. 

This is an outdoor event!

Please remember to bring your yoga mat, sweater, and smile! 

Event Details:
Date:         Wednesday, July 17, 2024 
Timing:     7:30 PM - 9:30 PM 
Location:   To be disclosed closer to the event date (North York area, Toronto)

Please register by Friday, July 12th at 12:00 PM (Noon).

About Esther Willinger:
Esther Willinger is a seasoned entrepreneur, transformational coach, and Advanced SOMA Breath® Instructor dedicated to unlocking the full potential of young professionals. With over two decades of business experience, Esther understands the challenges of today's fast-paced world and is passionate about guiding others to success.From her early days as a Marketing Director to founding her own Digital Advertising Agency, Esther's journey led her to discover her true calling in personal growth and transformation. Now, as a certified life coach and SOMA Breath® instructor, she combines her expertise with breathwork techniques to empower others to achieve peak performance and holistic well-being.Whether through one-on-one coaching or transformative group experiences, Esther equips young professionals with the tools they need to break through barriers, elevate their energy, and inspire meaningful change in their lives. 

About the Supporting Project in Israel: 
Funds raised from this event will support the rebuilding of Kibbutz Kissufim. JNFs around the world have agreed to 'adopt' a community in Israel and JNF Canada has decided to wrap our arms around Kibbutz Kissufim, a community of 260 residents next to the Gaza border, where 16 residents were murdered by Hamas, three kidnapped, and dozens injured. Residents of Kissufim are experiencing loss, grief, and social isolation. Determined to recover their community, JNF is rebuilding a playground and a daycare centre for their children, and a youth club for their teenagers. Once the residents return, the community’s children will have places to gather, get support, and recover from the traumas they experienced. To read more, click here.

Women's Committee Members:
Kortney Shapiro, Chair
Giulia D'Aleandro 
Natalie Gelman
Ahuva Magder
Brittany Sud
Melissa Tabak
Alexandra Wilson
Maxie Darya Winick