For decades the Jewish National Fund of Canada has served as the caretaker of the land of Israel. This mission took the role of planting trees, building water reservoirs, preparing land for new communities, and building parks and bicycle trails. More recently, JNF Canada has taken on projects to build the social infrastructure of the land of Israel for the benefit of the People of Israel. We have partnered with a variety of Israeli NGO’s to build infrastructure to benefit vulnerable populations such as youth-at-risk, victims of domestic abuse, special needs children, veterans and the poor. This is Who We Are: We are Building the Foundations of Israel’s Future.


JNF’s work in Israel includes projects to develop communities, support the environment, sustainability, and much more.
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JNF is involved in many events throughout the year. This events help and support the people of Israel.
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Whether you choose to make a general donation, plant a tree, or leave a legacy, it all adds up and it all makes a difference. Your partnership is critical to our mission and commitment to the people of Israel.
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