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An Inside Look on Terror

An Inside Look on Terror

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Join Neil Lazarus in a live Zoom conversation with a Palestinian refugee from the West Bank about Hamas terrorism. 

This Zoom conversation will provide a priceless understanding of the terrorist organization Hamas. 

Neil will also be exploring the major myths circulating on social media, to help you equip yourself with effective tools for countering them. Prepare for a compelling seminar as we expose the pervasive anti-Israel sentiment on social platforms. 

We will explore topics such as: 

  • The historical origins of Hamas 
  • Its underlying goals 
  • Its significance within the Palestinian political landscape
  • The evolution of Hamas from a grassroots social and political movement to its current status as a political and military entity in the region
  • Discussions will also encompass the complex relationships between Hamas and other Palestinian factions, particularly Fatah, and the implications of these dynamics on the broader Palestinian aspirations for self-determination and statehood