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JNF & Israel: Developing the Endgame to Pandemics

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, we all continue to practice enhanced hygiene measures while waiting for the cure– a safe and effective vaccine.

This High Holiday season, we invite you to join JNF in supporting the brilliant researchers from the MIGAL Galilee Research Institute in their efforts to bring us all one step closer to having our friends and extended family at Rosh HaShanna dinners once again.

Located in Israel’s Galilee region, MIGAL is an internationally renowned, multi-disciplinary applied research institute specializing in cutting-edge biotechnology, agricultural technology, and environmental sciences. Over the past 40 years, MIGAL has become a recognized powerhouse and has closely partnered with industry leaders, innovative startups, and technological accelerators.

Around four years ago, MIGAL’s interdisciplinary vaccine development team launched a program to develop a vaccine against the Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV), also a coronavirus that we now know to be highly similar to COVID-19. It has also recently discovered that the IBV shares the same infection mechanism and genetic code with the virus that causes COVID-19.

With further research, MIGAL’s scientists hope to adjust the IBV vaccine to combat the COVID-19 virus. Moreover, the vaccine being discussed has several distinct safety advantages over others in production:

● It does not contain live viruses
● It can be administered orally.
● It is based upon four years of proven research
● This vaccine can also be produced in relatively large quantities and at significantly less cost than other methods.

It is also hypothesized that these recent discoveries may be used to establish a vaccination center for the development of future vaccines, both for genetic mutations of the coronavirus and for other viruses that are liable to break out in the future. Action taken now will help speed up future vaccine development that halt the next viral outbreak in its tracks.

Help Speed Up The Process!

JNF Canada invites you to partner with us on a life-saving odyssey for the benefit and betterment of all of humankind. Supporting this year’s High Holiday campaign means that you will directly help the ambitious team of researchers reach our common goal by funding cutting-edge equipment with next generation technologies in microbiology and protein design needed to analyze DNA and RNA.

In addition, supporting MIGAL goes hand-in-hand with JNF’s recent efforts to strengthen the economic and societal impact of Israel’s northern peripheral region. Just as with our many projects in the South, JNF believes that Israel’s success is directly linked to the prosperity of the entire northern region.

We thank you for considering partnering with us in this most prestigious and necessary project.

Together with your help, we create a better and healthier world!